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Below is a refined selection of MSD Lighting’s most sophisticated high performance lanterns. From our sturdy Worcester Range to our stylish 6-sided models, we guarantee there is a lantern designed to fit your needs.

Windsor Authority Range

Robust, endurable and highly capable. Suitable for both the public and private sectors, this Victorian styled lantern doesn’t just survive in today’s world – it thrives within it.

Worcester Range

If you’re seeking a truly indestructible and long lasting traditional latern, look no further than the Worcester range. These highly endurable models boast zero light polution thanks to their exceptionally low wattage. Waterproofed by EPDM rubber, these lanterns are ideal for use in coastal areas.

Liberty Range

Adaptable and cost effective purpose built lanterns for easy installation and sustainability. This flexible range of lantern is ideal for specifically developed projects.

Metro Range

Traditional Yorkshire design. High performing, tasteful and simple.


Both high in quality and versatility, our 4-Sided lanterns are able to be fitted to brackets, posts and collumns. These beautifully styled models are ideal for the public sector, and make for compelling additions to bars, pubs and other social venues.


Just like their 4-sided cousins, these beautifully finished lanterns also make an ideal addition to any home, office, restaurant, pub or theatre.

*More Products Coming Soon

We are currently in the midst of expanding our current selection of lanterns so that our customers’ needs are met with more variety and a wider selection of choice. Additionally, in the near future, we aim to provide a handful of collumns, brackets, and bollards for you to add to whatever lighting scheme or project you desire.