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MSD can retrofit LED’s into any existing lantern – old or new

LED Module Benefits

Enables OEM optical differentiation with lenses from standard FastFlex portfolio matching every project’s needs
Unparalleled lumen per watt for fixture performance

State of the art specifications
Temperature and driving current designed for fixture optimization
Optical flexibility via FastFlex lenses
Flexible lumen output
Range of CCT and CRI versions


8 lenses available to cover all project requirements

Driver Benefits

Peace of mind on product performance
Luminaire lifetime reliability with automatic dimming at critical temperature levels
Design flexibility: one driver can be programmed for different luminaire designs – choose the current that is optimal for your LED PCB
Improved logistics
Future-proof, prepared for LED efficacy upgrades
Additional energy savings through dimming

Adjustable output current
Xtreme standard: long lifetime, robust protection against moisture, vibration and temperature extremes
Module Temperature Protection
Multiple dimming protocols