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Product Description

Our range of medium sized 6-sided (hexagonal), fabricated lanterns runs through from the Pimlico6, Piccadilly, Mayfair, to the Park Lane. This larger lantern is ideal for mounting on small columns and plinths. These beautifully finished lanterns make an ideal adornment to any home, office, restaurant or theatre.

All of our 6-sided lanterns – both full and half versions – are hand-crafted from the best quality materials and processes. Laser cut panels and CNC machinery are utilised throughout the constructions process to give the best quality possible. But what makes our products special, is the attention to detail and hand finishing of our products by our team of dedicated, skilled craftsmen and women.

We believe we have the largest range of cast / fabricated lanterns and associated products on the market but if you still can’t find exactly what you are looking for then we can reproduce any design that you have.


• Height: 660mm
• Width: 380mm
• Material: Spun/ Fabricated Copper or Brass
• Type: Fabricated
• Weight: 8kg


Paint black
Paint special colour
Paint black with pol. & clear lacq. fittings (where applicable)
Paint special colour with pol. & clear lacq. fittings (where applicable)
Natural (uncoated)
Polished & clear lacquered
Polished & antique lacquered

Powder Coating in Polyester
Paint or Lacquer in 2 pack Polyurethane
Not all finishes are suitable for all construction materials


Clear polycarbonate panels
Ivory acrylic panels
911 (smoked) acrylic panels


ES/KIT: ES L/H only
26W: 13/18/26W Wotan
S7: 50/70W SON
S7/R: 50/70W SON – with glass refractor
CW060: 45/60W Cosmo
CW060/R: 45/60W Cosmo – with glass refractor
M8: 50/80W MBF
M8/R: 50/80W MBF – with glass refractor


MB026 Long Scroll
MB097 Long Richmond
MB141 Spider Arm


Bottom fixed
Cradle fixed


10 years as standard