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From design of new product to production of existing lines, our commitment to providing the total customer service is always in the spotlight.

Solving complete project management problems through our technical expertise and manufacturing excellence ensures that every project is executed and completed within budget and on time. We pride ourselves on being the exception in this highly competitive marketplace.

With our longstanding reputation we are continuously producing both modern and traditional applications for new design ideas and creative solutions for a diverse range of customer requirements.

So, when you are seeking out a brighter solution to your lighting needs, rest assured, MSD are the single source and continue to outshine the rest.


Across the board, we possess the technical expertise you demand, and with our efficient production and advanced technology, you can be guaranteed your inidividual needs will be met.

And because we are switched on to detail at every stage of the project, you can feel completely confident that you’ll get the finished results you desire.


MSD is the only lighting company to give you free designs for bespoke lanterns at standard prices whilst using modern day materials and optics for performance.

We design lanterns so that the aesthetics can be changed easily and cost effectively, whilst still keeping maintenance and ease of access in mind.

Using Philips, the industry standard optics and gear, lighting performance is always at its optimum.

As we tend to use the most robust materials the end product will last far longer than our competitors lanterns. View our lanterns  Products page


MSD Lighting have undertaken a large catalogue of projects set in the UK and Ireland and have supplied multiple major councils, contractors and developers with unprecedented and efficient lighting schemes for over 20 years. Click here to view a detailed list of just a handful of our valued customers.

We have also perfected a wide range of proposals for our developers overseas; producing lighting arrangements for networks in Holland, Belgium, and Norway. View our Project Gallery.